How to optimise the management of your finances

Taking the time to analyse your assets, expenses and income can help you save regularly in the future, and without having to tighten your belt.

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How to optimise the management of your finances

Are you in one of these situations?

Have you accumulated debts?

Do you have too many unnecessary expenses?

Are you living beyond your means? Are you a spendthrift?

Do you earn enough but can't save effectively?

Do you spend more than you earn?

Do you have a small salary but want to earn more? And save?

Can't you please your children? Do you deprive yourself?

Can't you manage your money? Does this cause you stress and insomnia?

During this course you will learn the basics that will allow you to optimise your finances and to save efficiently. You will be accompanied step by step.

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    MODULE 1 :

    Change your mindset about money
    • The Money Mindset
    • Think in terms of assets, not liabilities
    • Common mistakes in money management
    • Snowball effect

    MODULE 2 :

    Analysis of your financial situation
    • Setting goals for your money
    • Calculate your budget
    • Knowing your fixed budget
    • Define your variable budget
    • The 50 - 30 - 20 rule

    MODULE 3 :

    Strategy for reducing liabilities
    • Becoming a responsible actor
    • Reduce your housing costs
    • Reduce your unexpected expenses
    • Reducing food expenditure
    • Reduce leisure expenditure

    MODULE 4 :

    Monitor your finances effortlessly
    • Managing Your Money
    • Scoring system
    • Keeping track of your finances
    • Indicators to monitor your financial management

    BONUS 1 :

    Top 3 bad loans to avoid for financial success
    • Zero-interest financing
    • Consumer credit 1
    • Consumer credit 2

    BONUS 2 :

    Tools to manage your assets
    • Banking tools
    • Cloud tools
    • The accounting system
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About  Cédric FOLEPE

Cedric Folepe reliably supports Africans living in Germany in building up their financial and real estate assets.

After arriving in Germany in 2003 with a degree in engineering, he realised early on that the system, while offering jobs for young graduates, also has a wide range of opportunities that guarantee financial freedom for ambitious people.

Thanks to real estate, he managed to make his dream come true and created the CEF Academy structure with the mission of raising awareness, advising and accompanying anyone who, like him, wishes to build a quality estate for assured financial freedom.

CEF Academy is made up of experts in several fields such as finance, taxation and real estate.

IVD Certificate of Quality

Certified specialist for home loan brokerage

Banking certificate - financing and fundraising

Tax strategy certificate for real estate investors

Real estate investment certificate

Chartered expert for the valuation of real estate

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  • This Masterclass includes:
  • 6 Modules
  • 3 downloadable resources
  • Practical sessions
  • Videos on demand from 5 hours
  • Access on mobile Phone and Laptop
  • Unlimited access
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