Who is Cédric FOLEPE?

Cedric Folepe reliably supports Africans living in Germany in building up their financial and property assets.

After arriving in Germany in 2003 with a degree in engineering, he realised early on that the system, while offering jobs for young graduates, also has a wide range of opportunities that guarantee financial freedom for any ambitious person.

Thanks to real estate, he managed to make his dream come true and created the CEF Academy structure with the mission of raising awareness, advising and accompanying everyone who, like him, wishes to build a quality estate for assured financial freedom.

CEF Academy is made up of experts in various fields such as finance, taxation, real estate, e-commerce and the stock market.

IVD Certificate of Quality

Certified specialist for home loan brokerage

Banking certificate - financing and fundraising

Tax strategy certificate for real estate investors

Real estate investment certificate

Chartered expert for the valuation of real estate